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Comment Thread

For cybersmart I learnt how to comment thread.

First we got into partners and picked a blog post.

Then we commented on eachothers blogpost and wrote a greeting, something positive, something helpful, something thoughfel, and a question.

I enjoyed this task I think that I did a goo job commenting on this task, I think I need to improve on writing soemthing helpful.


How to write a information report

If you copy these steps you will know how to write an information report at the end.

Material that you might need

  1. Pen or pencil
  2. Paper, book or your electronic device
  3. Hand

Steps on how to write an information report.

  1. First choose your topic
  2. While you’re writing your inform use third person.
  3. At least write 3 paragraphs



Being Inclusive

For PB4l we learnt how to be inclusive.

First we learnt how to be inclusive and what it is, being inclusive is when you don’t leave others out like: “Do you want to play with me” or “do you have any friends to play with”.

Then we wrote how to be inclusive, how we feel when were included, how we feel when we are excluded, what to say when were trying to be inclusive and when we were trying to be inclusive. One of the things we wrote down on how we feel when included was ” I feel happy” and ” I feel involved”, another thing we wrote down for feeling excluded was ” I don’t feel involved”.

Lastly I learnt what will happen if I am inclusive, if I were inclusive I would have more friends, I would be known as a nice inclusive person and more.

I enjoyed this task because this helped me on being more inclusive to people, I did well on writing down the feeling of being included and excluded.


Anolog Clock

Clocks can be read in many different ways such as seconds, minutes, hours and even more, there are 2 different types of clocks that we have anolog clocks and digital clocks.

First I learnt how to read a anolog clock, you will need to look and the minute hand and hour hand to see where its been place, the long hand is known as the minute and the short hand is known as the hour, if the hour hand is just after the full number you would say “past” then your number, for example: 18 minutes past 3.

Then after I made a google slide showing five example of how to read a clock.

I enjoyed this task because this task helped me on learning how to read a anologed clock. I did well on writing quarter pass time. I need to improve on writing quarter to times.





For Reading we made a podcast about televisions.

First we read some information about televisions and wrote about the good and the bad things about televisions, we read some good and bad information about the television.

Then we wrote our parts of the script. I was writing bad things about nitrogen on the television, the bad information was that if you inhaled nitrogen trifluoride it could cause breathing problems and could also lead to death.

Lastly we practised our script and recorded our podcast

I enjoyed making this podcast, I did well on writing my script, I need to improve on remembering my script.


Commanding Conversation

I did my commadning conversation.

I picked a options of pictures, the picture I choose was a little girl and her mum wearing a mask.

After I thought of some storys I could write with picture.

Then lastly I wrote a story, my story was about a little girl not wanting to wear her mask but her mum says that she will get her a treat or a toy if she wears a mask.

I enjoyed this task it helped me on using my imaginations, I did well on writng my story, I need to improve on writng longer storys.


Commanding Conversation

For a cando task I did commanding conversation.

First I picked a picture, the picture that I choose was two horses.

Lastly I used my imagination on writng a small little story, my story of the horses was about pne horse stealing another horses meal because he was to lazy to get his own food.

I enjoyed this task, this task helped me own using my imagination.

SSR Seflie

I did a can do task called SSR Selfie.

First I read a book for 15 minutes, then I wrote who the main charactar was, then after I wrote who the author and the illustrater is.

Then I wrote three words and wrote the meaning in my own words, then lastly I recounted about what happend in the story so far.

I enjoyed this task, I did well on writng my recount, I need to improve on writng three new words in my own words.

Basic facts

I did my basic facts boxes.

First I picked out what basic facts I wanted, I did additions in a random order.

Then after I got my timer ready and started, I got 100/100 correct, my timing was a minutes and 50 seconds.

I enjoyed this task, I need to do a harder basic facts next time, I did well on doing my fastest.


F0r maths I learnt statistics.

First I learnt what a scatter graph was, a scatter graph has some dots on the graph where you have scored, so if you have jumped into millimetres you will have to convert it into metres.

Then we had to choose someone in our group to jump 8 times as far as they could, Mathue’s furthest jump was 2.2 cm.

I enjoyed this task. It helped me in learning to create a scatter graph, I did well on creating a scatter graph, I need to improve on converting.