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This week we learnt to make connetions.

First we read a text in the book called south pacific beats. Then we answered some questions one of them were “what do we know about the south pacifc.”

Next we used our pior knowledge in the text. Pior knowledge means something you already know.

Then we predicted what the book would be about, I predicted the book whould be about differnt types of pacific ocean.

Lastly we read the book and answered the questions in the text.



Complex sentences

This week we learnt how to write complex sentences.

First we rivised present, past, and future and we also rivised  our states which are simple, continuous, and perfect.

Then  we learnt what a complex sentences is. A complex sentences has 2 verbs, 2 subjects, and a aaawwubbis. The aaawwubbis are after, also, although, when, while, untill, because, before, if, and since.

Lastly we made a comic silde with complex sentences, and took pictures to match with the sentences.

I enjoyed this task because I learnt to write a complex sentences. I need to improve on writing more aaawwubbis.


The 4 c’ s

This week we played a game and we tried to use the 4 c’s.

The four c’s of Leadership are co-operation, collaboration, communication, and confidence.

First we discussed which one of the green words that we wrote on our body outline were the 4 c’s.

Next we made a plan using the 4 c’s that will help us do good in the game.

Then we used the plan in the game to see how much it worked out .

Lastly we played the game using our strategy and it kinda worked.

We enjoyed this task because we all loved this game and want to play again.We need to improve on using the communication in games.

By Sahil, Lisea, Deayna, Mayshar, Hudson

T ball skills

This week we learned differnt type of skills in T ball. The skill we learnt were running, hitting, and throwing.

First we played noodle tag. The aim of the game is to run away from the noddle taggers and try not to get hit on the leg.

Then we practised throwing by playing a game called ball rain. To play the game you have to be in teams and tey to throw the ball in there goal.

Next we had a relay race. We had to run as fast as we can in between the bases.

Lastly we pratised hitting. We hit the ball on the tee.

I enjoyed playing noodle tag and I did well in ball rain, but I need to improve on throwing the ball properly.



Today we Identify characteristics of a good team member.

First we discussed what characteristics are and some examples.

Next we drew a body and wrote good characteristics inside the body and bad characteristics outside the body of a good team member. 

Lastly we tried using all of our characteristics in a game of Moonball. For a team to be successful they need a good leader, people that can support the ones that are playing, and need to learn how to communicate.

We learned how to use good characteristics in Moonball.We need to improve how to communicate.

We enjoyed playing moonball .

Written by Mayshar, Daeyna, kaysorn, Lisea, and Sahile


Commanding Conversation

I did a task called Conmanding conversation.

You can pick any picture then use your imagination to write a story that matchs with the picture. I enjoyed this task.


SSR Selfie

I read a book today called City of Dead by Tony Abbott.

It was about a boy called Derek stone, He was a boy that turned 14. He lived in new orlean with his dad, older brother, Ronny for his whole life, he couldn’t hear out of his left ear. 

Derek is on the run from the dead.

Derek is trying to run away from the dead. But He doesn’t know why they are after hime though.

This story was interesting i enjoyed it.

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