Poetry Slam – SLJ

For SLJ I completed a task called Poetry Slam.

First I watched a video explaining what to do for the task.

Then I started to complete the slide, there were different things like, place, taste, people, and games, to do the task you will need to write what places or people you like for example: for place one of the things I wrote were the hamilton garden.

Lastly I mad three poems on the 3 slides I made, and 1 idea for the holidays.

I enjoyed this task because this task was fun to do, I did well on making the slides, I need to improve on writng the poems and ideas because it was a little hard to do.

One thought on “Poetry Slam – SLJ

  1. Kia ora Mayshar,

    This is Manar from the Summer Learning Journey Team.

    You have summarised some awesome ideas under each category! Under the nature category you can add a picture of the beach or forest- whichever you like more. For the feelings category you could add how you feel before you eat all the delicious food- hunger, or how you feel as you spend time with your family and friends- of joy, happiness…etc.

    You have structured two very great poems. I agree Christmas is spent eating a lot of yummy food! What is your favourite Christmas food to eat?

    Keep it up!
    Manar Mahmoud (SLJ)