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PE | Team Tag

Today for PE we played a game called Team Tag.

First we got into a big team of 2, team 1 went into a big line, and team 2 made a second big line, some of team 2 looked at the back and some looked at the front, team one had to try and not get tagged by one person from team 2.

I enjoyed this game because I got to run around and try to not get tagged. I did well on running away from people.


T-ball Skills

This week we rivised and learnt more t-ball skills.

First we warmed up and played a game called noodle tag, the aim of the game is to run away from the noodle tagger an try not to get hit, if you get hit you have to stand on one leg with your arms out for 10 seconds.

Then coach Cameron got us into teams and taught us how to bat, the bat has to be in belly buttom height and legs apart and arms straight and eyes on the ball.

Lastly we played a game of t-ball and switched teams.

I enjoyed playing noodle tag, I need to improve on hitting the ball.




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