Anolog Clock

Clocks can be read in many different ways such as seconds, minutes, hours and even more, there are 2 different types of clocks that we have anolog clocks and digital clocks.

First I learnt how to read a anolog clock, you will need to look and the minute hand and hour hand to see where its been place, the long hand is known as the minute and the short hand is known as the hour, if the hour hand is just after the full number you would say “past” then your number, for example: 18 minutes past 3.

Then after I made a google slide showing five example of how to read a clock.

I enjoyed this task because this task helped me on learning how to read a anologed clock. I did well on writing quarter pass time. I need to improve on writing quarter to times.




4 thoughts on “Anolog Clock

  1. Hello Mayshar I am Keira. I enjoyed reading your blog post about reading analog clocks. I didn’t know how to read an analog clock at first, but this blog helped me a little bit. Did you know that if you split an analog clock in half, the left side of the clock is to and the right side is past? I liked how you explained how to read an analog clock. I am learning how to read one too! Regards, Keira.

    1. Hi Keira, it’s me Mayshar. I’m glad that my blog post helped you learn something. I didn’t know that if you cut an analog clock in half one side would be past and the other would be To. Do you know how to read a digital clock? I can read most digital clocks, it’s pretty easy. I think that I could try and read an analog clock faster so I can just look at a clock and know the time. From Mayshar.

      1. Kia Orana Mayshar Keira here, I am happy to hear that you’re glad that I learned something from your blog post. I was surprised that you didn’t know if you cut a clock one half would be past and the other would be To. Did you know that when a digital clock says 13:00 it is 1PM? And yes, I do know how to read a digital clock. Regards, Keira.

        1. Greetings Keira, It’s Mayshar again, I actually did know if a digital clock turned 13:00 it would be 1PM, have you improved on reading analog clocks? If you have, do you know how to read 22 minutes past 3? Kind Regards Mayshar.