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Basic Facts

For a maths can do I did basic faccts boxes.

First I choose what facts I was gonna do and in what order, I choose mulitipaction in a random order.

Then I set up a timer I did it as fact as I could.

I enjoyed this task i helps me own my basic facts, I think I should try my sutractions and see how I do.

Split Strategy

This week for maths we learnt additon and takeaway split stratgey.

On Monday we learned addition using the split strategy. We had to big numbers, for example 237 + 651, then we split the smallest number like this, 200 30 70 we, we plused it all with the biggest number. Then you plus 651 with the first big number than you add it up and plus it with second number the add it up again and add it up with the last number for example, 237 + 651, 651 + 200 + 30 + 7, 851 + 30 + 7, 881 + 7 = 888, there we got the answer.

On Tuesday we learned subtraction with the split strategy. Then lastly we did the exact same thing but with the minus and instead of three diggit it was two digits.

I enjoyed this task because we learnt two ways of split stratgey, I did well on adding up. I need to improve on explaining the split strategy.


I learnt different types of statistics.

The first thing we did was to write down our favourite colour, a month you were born in, if we could ride a bike, and how many people lived in our house.

Then we wrote different types of charts for each topic, for example, a bar graph for how many people lived in your house, the most written down were 5 people, one of them even had 13 people.

I enjoyed this task, I did well on writing to the total and frequency. 


Basic Facts

Today I did a can do called basic facts boxes.

I did a speed demon challeng on my times tables, I did it in random order, my time limit was 2 minutes and 32 secound, I got 100/100 correct.

I enjoyed practising my time tables, I did well on my times table.


Basic Facts

Today I did a can do called basic facts boxes.

first you can pick random order or ordered.

Then you can pick time table, plus, and subtraction.




Today for maths I did Prototec.

I did year 6 level, I did a practice round instead of a speed round, I got 38 out of 40 correct.

I enjoyed this maths task, I did well on times and division, I need to improve on plus into 1000s.


This week we learned fractions.

I completed three tasks called fractions, equivalent fractions, and improper fractions.

The first task I did was fractions task, I had to match the numbers to the symbol.

Next I completed the task called equivalent fraction,s we also had to match the numbers to the symbol but we had to do it differnt because we had to place it in order.

Lastly I completed the improper fractions, I drew the picture linked with the questions then I solved it with numbers and wrote it in a sentence.

I enjoyed the fractions task and I did well in the equivalent fractions, and I need to improve on the improper fractions.


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