Being Inclusive

For PB4l we learnt how to be inclusive.

First we learnt how to be inclusive and what it is, being inclusive is when you don’t leave others out like: “Do you want to play with me” or “do you have any friends to play with”.

Then we wrote how to be inclusive, how we feel when were included, how we feel when we are excluded, what to say when were trying to be inclusive and when we were trying to be inclusive. One of the things we wrote down on how we feel when included was ” I feel happy” and ” I feel involved”, another thing we wrote down for feeling excluded was ” I don’t feel involved”.

Lastly I learnt what will happen if I am inclusive, if I were inclusive I would have more friends, I would be known as a nice inclusive person and more.

I enjoyed this task because this helped me on being more inclusive to people, I did well on writing down the feeling of being included and excluded.