Year: 2022

Poetry Slam – SLJ

For SLJ I completed a task called Poetry Slam.

First I watched a video explaining what to do for the task.

Then I started to complete the slide, there were different things like, place, taste, people, and games, to do the task you will need to write what places or people you like for example: for place one of the things I wrote were the hamilton garden.

Lastly I mad three poems on the 3 slides I made, and 1 idea for the holidays.

I enjoyed this task because this task was fun to do, I did well on making the slides, I need to improve on writng the poems and ideas because it was a little hard to do.


For Reading we revised what we have been learning about for the past 3 weeks.

First we revised the history of, each group and had a choice to choose what history they would want to study, my group chose to study the history of televisions. When researching we used the reading strategies skimming, scanning and inferring.

Then we revised the purpose, user, and the stakeholders. The reading skills needed when we were researching are inferring, making connections, skimming, and our dictionary skills.

Lastly we revised learning about controversy. Controversy is when people have a disagreement about something whether it’s good or bad.

I enjoyed this task because this helped me find out whether TVs are good or bad. I did well on researching TVs. I need to improve on revising the purpose, user, and the stakeholder.

SSR Selfie

I made a ssr slefie slide.

First I read my book for 15 minutes, after I wrote down who made the book and illustrated it, and I wrote down the main charaters of the book.

Then I wrote three words from the book then wrote down th meaning in my own words, lastly I wrote the a quick recount what I read in the book so far.

I enjoyed this task, I did well on recounting the story. I need to improve on picking hard words.


I learnt what the meaning of raise and fall.

First I learnt what rise and falls mean, when the temperture rises it gets hotter, and when the temperture falls in becomes colder.

Then we learnt how to measure the temperture, when the weather is on something degrees it is cold but when the weather is on celsius degrees its hot, when the temperture is 100 celsius degrees it’s’ boiling hot, and when the temperture is 0 degrees it’s freezing cold.

Lastly we made two different tyoes of DLOs on what country is the hottest place and what country is the coldest place.

I enjoyed this task, this helped me on learning about the hottest and coldest places. I need to improve on writing on my temperture skills.

TV Quiz

For Reading my group made a quiz about TVs.

First we started off with researching some information about tvs, then we discussed our layout and planned the roles.

Then we started making the slide and writing question on it, my role was to make the incorrect and correct slides and fixing mistakes.

I enjoyed this task I think that I did good on fixing the mistakes. I need to improve on doing more things to help.


Comment Thread

A Comment thread is when you comment on somones blog and make a conversation with the person.

I made a comment thread with Keira one my anolog clock blog.

To write a comment thread you would need to write a greeting, a thoughtful comment, a connection, a question, more information, and a farewell.

Commanding Conversation

I worte a commanding coversation.

First I picked a opion of images, the image that I choose was some people hanging out at the mall.

Then I brainstormed what storys I could write, my story that I wote was about some friends hanging out at the mall and disscusing where they should eat and hang out next.

I enjoyed this task it helps me on my imagination. I did well on writing my story. I think I need to improve on writing a longer and more improved story.


Basic Facts

For a maths can do I did basic faccts boxes.

First I choose what facts I was gonna do and in what order, I choose mulitipaction in a random order.

Then I set up a timer I did it as fact as I could.

I enjoyed this task i helps me own my basic facts, I think I should try my sutractions and see how I do.

SSR Selfie

I did ssr selfie today.

First I read a book I picked for 15 minutes, then I wrote down on my google slide who the main character was and who was the author and illustrater.

Then I wrote three new words that I found in the book and wrote the meaning of the words in my own words.

Lastly I wrote a small recount of what I read in the last 15 minutes I was reading the book.

I enjoyed this task it helps me own saying things on my own, I need to improve on writing my recount propley.



I learnt how to design a vehicle.

First I thought of some ideas for pros and cons for different types of transportation, one example for a pro is that a horse and a cart isn’t that expensive so you won’t waste that much money, and a con is that the horse will get tired.

Then we tried fixing the cons into pros, for example when you go into your cart bring some water and food so their horse won’t get tired.

Lastly we made a transportation on our devices using google drawing, my idea was to draw a cereal car and put some chairs in and behind the chairs was a kitchen and between the chairs was a table and under the table lead down stairs where there’s a bed and a bathroom.

I enjoyed this task, I did well on designing my vehicle, I need to improve on making a cooler idea so next time my  transportation and go under water