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Commanding Conversation

I worte a commanding coversation.

First I picked a opion of images, the image that I choose was some people hanging out at the mall.

Then I brainstormed what storys I could write, my story that I wote was about some friends hanging out at the mall and disscusing where they should eat and hang out next.

I enjoyed this task it helps me on my imagination. I did well on writing my story. I think I need to improve on writing a longer and more improved story.



TEE stands for topic, explanation, and elaborate.

Topic is for what the main thing is about, for example: “the leaf fell gracefully off the lumpy old tree”.

Explain is when you tell the reader what’s happening but less detailed than the topic like: “It teared down from the tree moving back and forth while falling down to the ground”.

Elaborate is when you add more information and you imagine that you’re the person, thing, or object.

I enjoyed this task, I did well on writing the main topic and explanation. I need to improve on the elaborate part.


Misused words

I did a can do task called Misused words.

To do the task you need to pick a picture, for example one of the photos from the google slide.

Then write what is happening or write a sentence with the words thats is given for example evenly is the word so I write a sentence with even in it like this: This is cute evenly into halfs.

I enjoyed this task because I learnt how to write sentences write away with just looking at one word. I did well on writing the word here in a sentence.


Commanding Conversation

I completed a can do task.

First I picked a picture, my picture where four girls standing in the snow.

Then lastly I wrote a story, my story was about a snowball fight.

I enjoyed this task because I could use my imagination and write lots of different types of stories using one image. I did well on I writing the story. I need to improve on writing longer stories.

Steps web

Today for writing I did Steps web.

I did steps web for 20 minutes, I got 4 gold medals, 3 silver medals and lastly 2 bronze medals.

I enjoyed doing this task it helps me with my spelling, I need to improve on working on my sentence bulider task.

Parts of Speech

A part of a speech in English are noun, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs.

Nouns are places, people, and things.

Adjectives describes words for example words like beautiful.

Verbs are things we do like action words, for example eat or climb.

Adverbs are phrases that have an adjective and a verb, adverbs also often ends with a ly.

Parts of speechs are different kind of words.


Imaginative recount

This week we learnt how to write a imaginative recount.

First we brainstormed some ideas, we brainstormed the main charactar, supporting character, and the supporting event, the main charcter was James and the supporting event was Billy-bob, Patty, kim, Sahile, and Lee.

Then we used a backwards S plan, in the backwards S plan we used a reveal, event 1, event 2,  event 3, and the ending. My reveal for the backwards is plan is “Running away from zombies apcocalypse on foot”. Event 1 was “finding bikes, event 2 was”, “a survivor at a gas station”, and last event 3 was “the family escapes from some zombies but the encounter the horse”.

I enjoyed this task because I know how to write a imaginative recount, I need to improve on using more simple ideas.

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