Day: November 3, 2022

Kawa of care

I learnt how to take care of my netbook.

First I learnt holding my netbook and why I shouldn’t hold it in some way.

Then I learnt why food and liquoured isn’t allowed near netbooks, one example is that if the liquoured is pured onto you netbook it can prevent you from using you netbook.

Then lastly I learnt that I should always have a case when I bring a Netbook to places and I should on a case for my netbook if I have one for example: If i have a netbook and not a case and its raining I dont have anything to put my netbook in but if I had a case I could prevent it from not getting wet.

I enjoyed this task I learned a lot of things to do to my netbook, I did well on learning to hold my netbook.


I did a task called solvemoji.

to do this task you need to pick a level you want to do and try to figure out what the answer is without knowing what number it is and just figuring it out by a emoji.

I did three Solvemojis, some were hard to figure out and some were easy.

I enjoyed this task, I did well on solving some emojis, I need to improve on solving the harder questions.

Explain that idiom

I did a task called explain that idiom.

To do this task you need to find a idiom and writed down the meaning of the idiom, then after you have to write a script with the idiom you choose.

The lastly you have to write film it and put it on the Explain that idiom slide.

I enjoyed this task I find a lot of idioms and learnt a lot of new ones, I did well on writing my script I need to improve on flimimg proably.

Misused words

I did a can do task called Misused words.

To do the task you need to pick a picture, for example one of the photos from the google slide.

Then write what is happening or write a sentence with the words thats is given for example evenly is the word so I write a sentence with even in it like this: This is cute evenly into halfs.

I enjoyed this task because I learnt how to write sentences write away with just looking at one word. I did well on writing the word here in a sentence.


How to write a simile and a Metaphor

After following each and every step you will now know how to write a similie and a metaphor.

Materials that you might need:

  1. A piece of paper
  2. Pen or a pencil

Steps to write a simile and a metaphor, first now find two things you want to compare then write them done with a like or a as like this:

  1. He runs as fast as a cheetah
  2. But now this time you put like in it for example:
  3. He is like a cheetah

Now you know how to write a similie and metaphor.