Month: November 2022


For Reading we made a podcast about televisions.

First we read some information about televisions and wrote about the good and the bad things about televisions, we read some good and bad information about the television.

Then we wrote our parts of the script. I was writing bad things about nitrogen on the television, the bad information was that if you inhaled nitrogen trifluoride it could cause breathing problems and could also lead to death.

Lastly we practised our script and recorded our podcast

I enjoyed making this podcast, I did well on writing my script, I need to improve on remembering my script.


Commanding Conversation

I did my commadning conversation.

I picked a options of pictures, the picture I choose was a little girl and her mum wearing a mask.

After I thought of some storys I could write with picture.

Then lastly I wrote a story, my story was about a little girl not wanting to wear her mask but her mum says that she will get her a treat or a toy if she wears a mask.

I enjoyed this task it helped me on using my imaginations, I did well on writng my story, I need to improve on writng longer storys.


Commanding Conversation

For a cando task I did commanding conversation.

First I picked a picture, the picture that I choose was two horses.

Lastly I used my imagination on writng a small little story, my story of the horses was about pne horse stealing another horses meal because he was to lazy to get his own food.

I enjoyed this task, this task helped me own using my imagination.

SSR Seflie

I did a can do task called SSR Selfie.

First I read a book for 15 minutes, then I wrote who the main charactar was, then after I wrote who the author and the illustrater is.

Then I wrote three words and wrote the meaning in my own words, then lastly I recounted about what happend in the story so far.

I enjoyed this task, I did well on writng my recount, I need to improve on writng three new words in my own words.

Basic facts

I did my basic facts boxes.

First I picked out what basic facts I wanted, I did additions in a random order.

Then after I got my timer ready and started, I got 100/100 correct, my timing was a minutes and 50 seconds.

I enjoyed this task, I need to do a harder basic facts next time, I did well on doing my fastest.


F0r maths I learnt statistics.

First I learnt what a scatter graph was, a scatter graph has some dots on the graph where you have scored, so if you have jumped into millimetres you will have to convert it into metres.

Then we had to choose someone in our group to jump 8 times as far as they could, Mathue’s furthest jump was 2.2 cm.

I enjoyed this task. It helped me in learning to create a scatter graph, I did well on creating a scatter graph, I need to improve on converting.


TEE stands for topic, explanation, and elaborate.

Topic is for what the main thing is about, for example: “the leaf fell gracefully off the lumpy old tree”.

Explain is when you tell the reader what’s happening but less detailed than the topic like: “It teared down from the tree moving back and forth while falling down to the ground”.

Elaborate is when you add more information and you imagine that you’re the person, thing, or object.

I enjoyed this task, I did well on writing the main topic and explanation. I need to improve on the elaborate part.


Purpose, User and the Stakeholder

For reading we learnt what a user and a stakeholder is, and we learnt what the purpose was.

First we did some researching for our topic television and wrote some notes down, some of the facts I learnt from researching was that the first tv ever made was invented in 1926, one other fact I learnt was that you could hear the television from a very far distance if the volume of the television was on full max.

Then lastly we made a slide show and wrote down things from our notes. We wrote four things, what a television was, what the purpose is, the users are, and lastly who and what are stakeholders.

I enjoyed this task, I did well on writing what the purpose of the stakeholders is, I need to improve on taking notes from researching.

Commanding Conversations

For a can do task I did my commanding conversations.

First I picked a option of images.

Then I wrote a little story to go with my image, my story was about a little girl not wanting to wear her mask, but her mum tells her to wear it or else she would ge sick.

I enjoyed this task, I did well on using my imaginations on this task

Basic Facts Boxes

I did a maths can do task called Basic facts boxes.

First I picked whats basic facts I wanted, I picked out times tables in a random order.

Then I timed myself and started writing the equations ad fast I could.

I enjoyed this task, this task helps me on my timestables, I need to improve on doing my basic facts faster.