TEE stands for topic, explanation, and elaborate.

Topic is for what the main thing is about, for example: “the leaf fell gracefully off the lumpy old tree”.

Explain is when you tell the reader what’s happening but less detailed than the topic like: “It teared down from the tree moving back and forth while falling down to the ground”.

Elaborate is when you add more information and you imagine that you’re the person, thing, or object.

I enjoyed this task, I did well on writing the main topic and explanation. I need to improve on the elaborate part.


2 thoughts on “TEE

  1. Kia ora Mayshar.
    I enjoyed reading your topic sentence. I think you should add more to your elaborate text. You did well on explaining your the explaining text. How old do you think the tree is?

    1. Kia ora Daeyna.
      Thank taking the time to comment on my blog post. I think that the tree is over 40 years of age, thank you for the feedback I do think I should add more information to the elaboration/
      Did you learn anything from my post?