Bee Presentation

This week my group filmed a video about bees.

First we pratised our scripts on our presentation, after we pratised our script we pratised it in order all together it was David, Ahil, Ane, Mayshar, and Gardenia the it repeated. Scripts in the presentation were: A life cycle is something that happens over and over again. The life cycle of a bee is an egg, larva, pupa, and then it turns into an adult bee. It depends on what they eat to know whether they are a queen bee, worker bee, and a drone. Worker bees feed the larva. 

My second script was: If the bees lose the plants, the small animals that eat those plants will have negative impacts resulting in fewer. But ever since the world war, 97% of flowers have been gone and bees couldn’t collect pollen and make honey. The honey population was 40% in the winter of 2018 to 2019 along with the rates. The main factors affecting bee populations’ health. 

Lastly we filmed our script for our presentation talking about the bees ecosytem and sustainability.

I enjoyed this task, I learnt a lot of facts and things about bees ecosystem and sustainability.