Month: June 2022

Online danger

There are many different types of online danger situations like cyberbulling, predators, malware downlaods, and scammers.

Cyberbulling is when you bulling someone online. The best way to handle it is tell your parents and contact the police if it gets dangerous.

Predators is like when a adult or someone pretends to be a kid. The best way to handle this is to block and report them.

Malware downloads are when ads or apps try to make you download software and makes your computer slow. The best way to handle this is to delete the app and find a virus scanner.

Lastly scammer are someone trying to make you fall for a trap and makeing someone give them a lot of money. The best way to handle it is to report spam and delete them and no give them any money.

Bee Presentation

This week my group filmed a video about bees.

First we pratised our scripts on our presentation, after we pratised our script we pratised it in order all together it was David, Ahil, Ane, Mayshar, and Gardenia the it repeated. Scripts in the presentation were: A life cycle is something that happens over and over again. The life cycle of a bee is an egg, larva, pupa, and then it turns into an adult bee. It depends on what they eat to know whether they are a queen bee, worker bee, and a drone. Worker bees feed the larva. 

My second script was: If the bees lose the plants, the small animals that eat those plants will have negative impacts resulting in fewer. But ever since the world war, 97% of flowers have been gone and bees couldn’t collect pollen and make honey. The honey population was 40% in the winter of 2018 to 2019 along with the rates. The main factors affecting bee populations’ health. 

Lastly we filmed our script for our presentation talking about the bees ecosytem and sustainability.

I enjoyed this task, I learnt a lot of facts and things about bees ecosystem and sustainability.

Amercian Football

This week for PE we rivised passing.

Before we got in our PE lesson we rivised passing an Amercian football, to pass you need to put you ring finger on the third lace of the Amercian football.

Then we played a game called piggy in the middle to help us to catch and throw, we got into groups of three and played, two people were throwing and catching to eachother the third person was in the middle trying to catch the ball.

Lastly we played another game of piggy in the middle but with all of groub B including Miss White, there were 4 pople in the middle including Miss White.

I enjoyed this task, I did well on throwing the ball, I need to improve of catching the ball. I did well at

Te Reo Maori

This week I learnt different direction and foods in Maori.

First we went in a small group and sat down with Whaea Odi, then she should us some cards with photos of food and the maori word for it. For example: pi which in english is pea the vegatable.

Lastly I learned some directions runga raro muai matua which in english mean up, down, left, and right.

I enjoyed this task because I learnt new maori words, I need to improve on not mixing up my directions in moari.




I learnt how to write a explantion.

First I choose my topic for my plan, my topic is “How a Daisies grows”.

Next I wrote down my plan structure, my structure was TIES, T stands for title, I stands for introduction, E stands for explain relationships, S is for summary.

Lastly I wrote down my explantion using my plan.

I enjoyed this task because I learnt how to write a explantion, I need to improve on writing my introduction and summary.


Sequential Patterns

This week I learnt the difference between a pattern and a sequential pattern.

A sequential pattern is something or a pattern thats in order, a pattern is something that repeats over and over again, here is a example for a sequential pattern: green brown brown, and a pattern is like green brown green brown green brown.

Then I made my own sequential patterns slide, with five things a colour, number, shape, object, and letter. I made three sequential patterns and 2 patterns.

I enjoyed this task I learnt the difference between sequential patterns and a pattern, I need to inprove on doing more hard sequential patterns.


Whale tail

This week I learnt how to shade a whale tail.

First I pratised shading on a scrap peice of paper, than I drew a whale tail an drew my design from my digital whale tail then I shaded the whale tail that I drew I kept on shading until I was ready to draw my real whale tail.

Next I started drawing my fishs, rubbishs, and my coral reefs.

Lastlu after I finished drawing I coloured and used my shading skills for my whale tail.

I enjoyed this task because I learnt how to shade, I need to improve on drawing more neatly.


This week I learnt how to use extented discussion cards.

First we read page 40 and 41 of a book called sharks, this book tells a lot of facts about sharks and what kind of sharks there are.

Then we used the extended discussion cards to answer question, there were questions like, Why are shark “under attack”?.

For the extended discussion we picked a leader and a questioner, the questioner will read the question and ask someone “what do you think”?, and they would answer back “I think…”. Somone would have opposer and respectfuly disagree. After the leader would pick a clarifer and the clarifer would say “do we all agree that this is the answer”.

I enjoy using the extended discussion cards it helps me with disagreeing and agreeing.

Commanding coversation

I did a can do called Commanding Coversation.

To do a commanding coversation you can pick a picture then write a story, you can write a lot of different types of storys.

I enjoyed this task because I could write lots of types of storys.

SSR Selfie

This week I did a can do called SSR Selfie.

I read a book called The Lost Things Club for fifthteen minutes.

Then I wrote three main things about the book and wrote down 3 new words in the book that I didn’t and wrote down the meaning of them.

I enjoyed this task I learnt new words that I didn’t know.