Day: June 27, 2022

Commanding coversation

I did a can do called Commanding Coversation.

To do a commanding coversation you can pick a picture then write a story, you can write a lot of different types of storys.

I enjoyed this task because I could write lots of types of storys.

SSR Selfie

This week I did a can do called SSR Selfie.

I read a book called The Lost Things Club for fifthteen minutes.

Then I wrote three main things about the book and wrote down 3 new words in the book that I didn’t and wrote down the meaning of them.

I enjoyed this task I learnt new words that I didn’t know.

Basic facts boxes

This week I did a must do called Basic facts boxes.

I did a brainstorm for my times table and division, for a brainstorm you dont have to time yourself.

I got 180/90.