Commanding Conversation

I did a task called Conmanding conversation.

You can pick any picture then use your imagination to write a story that matchs with the picture. I enjoyed this task.


SSR Selfie

I read a book today called City of Dead by Tony Abbott.

It was about a boy called Derek stone, He was a boy that turned 14. He lived in new orlean with his dad, older brother, Ronny for his whole life, he couldn’t hear out of his left ear. 

Derek is on the run from the dead.

Derek is trying to run away from the dead. But He doesn’t know why they are after hime though.

This story was interesting i enjoyed it.

About me 2022


My name is Mayshar. I am interested in art at school. Outside of school, I am interested in swimming.

One of my goals this year is to reach 200 blogposts

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