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Parts of Speech

A part of a speech in English are noun, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs.

Nouns are places, people, and things.

Adjectives describes words for example words like beautiful.

Verbs are things we do like action words, for example eat or climb.

Adverbs are phrases that have an adjective and a verb, adverbs also often ends with a ly.

Parts of speechs are different kind of words.


Osbervable and literal information

Osbervable Information is something that can be seen directly. Litrel information is information that is printed or written down.

Obervable information can be seen without guessing extra information, for example, on the first slide there is a boy wearing a red t – shirt.

Literal infomation can be seen in images or text.

Osberbable information and literal information is a true piece of information from a text or image.



Basic fact boxes

I completed a task called basic facts speed demon challenge.

I did it up to 20 I got 95/100 my time limit was 5m and 42s.

I need to improve and be faster.


South pacific Beats

This week we learnt to understand texts and connections.

First Mr wong read page 5 and 6 for our shared reading, after Mr wong read we answered the questions linked with the text.

Next I finished reading the last pages of the book to my group, then we answered the question for the page. One of the questions were ” why do you think Rachel wants Tonga to be able to manufacture the pato”.

Lastly we dicussed in the answers in the group then answered all the question.

I enjoyed this task because I learnt to understand text I need to improve on writing answering more questions I did well on connecting with my partner.









Imaginative recount

This week we learnt how to write a imaginative recount.

First we brainstormed some ideas, we brainstormed the main charactar, supporting character, and the supporting event, the main charcter was James and the supporting event was Billy-bob, Patty, kim, Sahile, and Lee.

Then we used a backwards S plan, in the backwards S plan we used a reveal, event 1, event 2,  event 3, and the ending. My reveal for the backwards is plan is “Running away from zombies apcocalypse on foot”. Event 1 was “finding bikes, event 2 was”, “a survivor at a gas station”, and last event 3 was “the family escapes from some zombies but the encounter the horse”.

I enjoyed this task because I know how to write a imaginative recount, I need to improve on using more simple ideas.

T-ball Skills

This week we rivised and learnt more t-ball skills.

First we warmed up and played a game called noodle tag, the aim of the game is to run away from the noodle tagger an try not to get hit, if you get hit you have to stand on one leg with your arms out for 10 seconds.

Then coach Cameron got us into teams and taught us how to bat, the bat has to be in belly buttom height and legs apart and arms straight and eyes on the ball.

Lastly we played a game of t-ball and switched teams.

I enjoyed playing noodle tag, I need to improve on hitting the ball.




Commanding Conversation

I did a task called commanding conversations.

To do this task pick a picture and then write a small coversation using your imagination.

I enjoyed this task because I could use my imagination to wrote the story.

SSR Selfie

I read a fiction book called smile from Raina Telgemeier.

I read this book for 15 minutes, then I wrote the main charactar and wrote a short simple recount.

Lastly I listed three different words and wrote the meanings of the words.

I enjoyed this task because I learnt new words, I need to improve on finding different type of words.


This week we learned fractions.

I completed three tasks called fractions, equivalent fractions, and improper fractions.

The first task I did was fractions task, I had to match the numbers to the symbol.

Next I completed the task called equivalent fraction,s we also had to match the numbers to the symbol but we had to do it differnt because we had to place it in order.

Lastly I completed the improper fractions, I drew the picture linked with the questions then I solved it with numbers and wrote it in a sentence.

I enjoyed the fractions task and I did well in the equivalent fractions, and I need to improve on the improper fractions.



This week I learnt some new words.

First we wrote our prior knowledge about drums, a piece of information for drums are, sticks are use for drums.

Next we predicted what the book would be about then we wrote it down. Then we used word hippo and word smyth for the words we didn’t undrestand in the book.

Lastly we wrote down the synonyms and antonyms for the word. Antonyms mean the oppsite and synonyms have a similar meaning to the word.

I enjoyed this task because I learnt a lot of new words. I did well on finding synonyms because it is a similar word. I need to improve on finding more antonyms because it is hard to find.