Day: December 5, 2022

Commanding Conversation

I worte a commanding coversation.

First I picked a opion of images, the image that I choose was some people hanging out at the mall.

Then I brainstormed what storys I could write, my story that I wote was about some friends hanging out at the mall and disscusing where they should eat and hang out next.

I enjoyed this task it helps me on my imagination. I did well on writing my story. I think I need to improve on writing a longer and more improved story.


Basic Facts

For a maths can do I did basic faccts boxes.

First I choose what facts I was gonna do and in what order, I choose mulitipaction in a random order.

Then I set up a timer I did it as fact as I could.

I enjoyed this task i helps me own my basic facts, I think I should try my sutractions and see how I do.

SSR Selfie

I did ssr selfie today.

First I read a book I picked for 15 minutes, then I wrote down on my google slide who the main character was and who was the author and illustrater.

Then I wrote three new words that I found in the book and wrote the meaning of the words in my own words.

Lastly I wrote a small recount of what I read in the last 15 minutes I was reading the book.

I enjoyed this task it helps me own saying things on my own, I need to improve on writing my recount propley.