Day: November 28, 2022

Commanding Conversation

I did my commadning conversation.

I picked a options of pictures, the picture I choose was a little girl and her mum wearing a mask.

After I thought of some storys I could write with picture.

Then lastly I wrote a story, my story was about a little girl not wanting to wear her mask but her mum says that she will get her a treat or a toy if she wears a mask.

I enjoyed this task it helped me on using my imaginations, I did well on writng my story, I need to improve on writng longer storys.


Commanding Conversation

For a cando task I did commanding conversation.

First I picked a picture, the picture that I choose was two horses.

Lastly I used my imagination on writng a small little story, my story of the horses was about pne horse stealing another horses meal because he was to lazy to get his own food.

I enjoyed this task, this task helped me own using my imagination.

SSR Seflie

I did a can do task called SSR Selfie.

First I read a book for 15 minutes, then I wrote who the main charactar was, then after I wrote who the author and the illustrater is.

Then I wrote three words and wrote the meaning in my own words, then lastly I recounted about what happend in the story so far.

I enjoyed this task, I did well on writng my recount, I need to improve on writng three new words in my own words.

Basic facts

I did my basic facts boxes.

First I picked out what basic facts I wanted, I did additions in a random order.

Then after I got my timer ready and started, I got 100/100 correct, my timing was a minutes and 50 seconds.

I enjoyed this task, I need to do a harder basic facts next time, I did well on doing my fastest.