Day: November 21, 2022

Commanding Conversations

For a can do task I did my commanding conversations.

First I picked a option of images.

Then I wrote a little story to go with my image, my story was about a little girl not wanting to wear her mask, but her mum tells her to wear it or else she would ge sick.

I enjoyed this task, I did well on using my imaginations on this task

Basic Facts Boxes

I did a maths can do task called Basic facts boxes.

First I picked whats basic facts I wanted, I picked out times tables in a random order.

Then I timed myself and started writing the equations ad fast I could.

I enjoyed this task, this task helps me on my timestables, I need to improve on doing my basic facts faster.

SSR Seflie

I did a task called SSR Seflei.

First I read a book for 15 minutes, then I wrote who the main charactar was, then after I wrote who the author and the illustrater is.

Then I wrote three words and wrote the meaning in my own words, then lastly I recounted about what happend in the story so far.

I enjoyed this task, this task helps me on learning new words.