Day: November 18, 2022


For Inquiry we wrote some facts about rails.

First we wrote down on a piece of paper what we knew about the transportation rails.

Then we made a google slide writing some facts about transportation that goes on rails. We chose a train and wrote some facts. Did you know that a British inventor named Richard Trevithick invented the first train.

Lastly after we made a DLO about the trains or the topic that you picked.

I enjoyed this task, I did well on writing some facts about trains, I need to improve on searching the real facts about trains in case the facts weren’t fake.

Shotput and Discus

For HPE we revised how to do a shotput and learned how to discus.

First we learnt and practised rolling the discus, to roll the discus you will need to stand on your side and while you hold the discus you need to have your fingers on the discus and your thumb on the side.

Then after we were revising how to shotput, we used a heavy ball instead of a tennis ball, then we stood on the side and pointed to our target and had the ball next to our ear, then I pushed it as far as I could.

I enjoyed this task, this helped me with my throwing and rolling skills, I need to improve on throwing the heavy ball in shotput.


Formal vs Informal

Formal and informal writing is two different ways to talk or to write to people like: “go away”, that isn’t formal talk, when you say ” could you please leave” it is formal talk.

When you meet an elder person or a perrson your not familiar with you use formal langage, your showing respect, manners and kindnest to the person your speaking with. When you speak informaly you use it with a close friend, or your sibling.

They are two completly different ways of speaking.