Day: November 16, 2022

Motivational Quotes

For PB4L I wrote motivational quote, motivational quotes s are like positive quotes for exampe like: “You can do this” or “Keep going don’t give up”.

I choose to write motivational quotes instead of writing a story that happend to you once and you got motivated.

Then after I made a DLO writing five different Motivational quotes, one of the quotes that I made was, “A negative start will lead to a negative end and a postive start will lead to a postive end” and one of the quotes I looked up was ” Start where you are, use what you can, and do what you can.

I enjoyed this task, I did well on writing my motivational quotes I need to improve on writing more orginal quotes.

Timeline history

For Reading my group and I made a timeline about televisions.

First my group I picked out what topic we wanted to reasearch about, our topic was about televisions.

Then we read one text in our group and went into partners and started to research about televisions, one thing I learnt from researching was that John Logie Baird was the first person to make coloured television.

Lastly after researching we made a timeline and put all of our informations together.

I enjoyed this task, I learnt a lot of thing about televisions. I did well on researching about the first coloured televisons. I need to improve on makeing a longer timlime and adding more informations to it.