Day: November 15, 2022

SSR Selfie

I did a can do task called SSR Selfie.

First you read a book then pick a non fiction or a fiction slide, for example if your book is fiction you choose the fiction slide, then you take a picture then put it on the slide, then after you wrote the author the illustarter and the main character.

Lastly you recount what has happened in the story so far or facts about the book, then you write down three new words and write down each meaning if them in your own words.

I enjoyed this task it helps me on my reading and spelling. I did well on recounting what happend in the story so far. I need to improve on write the meaning of the words.


For Maths I learnt a new stratgey called Perimetre.

First I made a google map and measured how big our school field is, I only meassured the top bit of our field.

Then I made a google drawing and meassured what was right and what was wrong,.

I enjoyed this task. This task helped me on drawing my perimetre, I did well on meassuring on the google map, I need to improve on drawing my google drawing correctly.