Day: November 10, 2022


For Reading I learnt a new stratgey called synthesising.

Synthesising is when you use your prior knowledge and turn it into new information and turn the new information into a new understanding.

First I learnt what sythesising was, then we watched a video of the billy goat gruff after we discussed in a group what happend in the story using our prior knowledge.

Then after we made a copy of a google slide and sythesised what billy goat gruff was about.

Lastly I wrote down my prior knowledge some new information about the story, and the new understanding.

I enjoyed this task it helped me understand and know what sythesising means, I did well on writing my ne understanding, I need to improve on writing down some of my prior knowledge.


Kawa of care is some set of rules that you have to follow when you own a chromebook.

One of the responsible rules are to hold you netbook properly so you don’t drop it while your walking, carrying it, and more.

One rule for responsibilities for school is if you have bought a Netbook through the school and it is damaged and getting repaired you can use a loan chromebook for you class or the office, but if your being lazy and not bringing it to school you won’t get a netbook.

Pros and cons

For Inquiry we learnt what pros and cons were. Pros are things that are good like for example: Pros about food, food is ood because when you get hungry you can eat, and cons are bad things, like cons about food, some food give you fat and makes you gain more weight.

First on Wednesday we went into a group of four and write pros and cons for a Cruise ship and a Galley ship, some example are what a pro is for a galley ship its big and can hold up to 1000 people (men).

Then lastly on Thurday we wrote some pros and cons for a Jet ski and ship.

I enjoyed this task, It helped me learn and understand what pros and cons are, I did well on writing some pros and cons for a ship.



Length | Measure

For maths I learned length in measure.

First I learnt different sizes of length like MM, M, CM, and KM, MM stands for millimeters, M stand for meters, Cm stand for centimeters and Kilometres.

Then after we strated measuring small object then to big objects, like measuring cups then to books then to treys the after to tables. For small objects we used normal size rulers and for the big objects like tables we used big rulers.

I enjoyed this task the helped me with e measuring skills a lot. I did well on measuring the small objects, I need to improve on measuring the big objects.