Day: October 28, 2022


I learnt what visualising is.

First we revised what metaphors and similies were, then we also revised the four different story types,

Then we drew an example of what visualising is. 

Lastly we moved on to do our task, our task was to read three different slides, 1 fiction and 2 non fiction slides.Then draw and visualise what I think is happening in the story.

I enjoyed this task, I did well on drawing the pictures for the story, I need to improve on drawing better.




Kelly sport | Sprinting

Today for kelly sport we practised sprinting.

First we played a game called rats and rabbit, we got into partners and each partner would face eachother, one person was a rat one person was a rabbit. If someone called rat the people that are rat would run away and the rabbit would chase them.

Then we walked a round and if he called out tip toe we would have to tip toe instead of walking, and if he called out running we would have to run. After we played tic tac toe, we went into a group of three and tried to get three in a row before the other team made it.

Lastly we did some running races like one of them were to get into a group of 4 two of the people had to go to the back 2 had to go to the front, the first person and the front had to run to the back, then first person at the back would run to the front, then the last person an the fron would have to run to the back, then the last person at the back would have to run to the front.

I enjoyed this taks it helped me on my running skills and it helped me to learn some new games. I did well on rats and rabbit. I need to improve on running faster to my team or partner.