Day: September 16, 2022


I learnt different types of rhymes.

First I learnt what end rhyme, alltertion, assonance, and consansance means.

Then I made a document and put the right poems in the right rhymes.

I enjoyed this task, I did well on writing my end rhymes.


PE | Team Tag

Today for PE we played a game called Team Tag.

First we got into a big team of 2, team 1 went into a big line, and team 2 made a second big line, some of team 2 looked at the back and some looked at the front, team one had to try and not get tagged by one person from team 2.

I enjoyed this game because I got to run around and try to not get tagged. I did well on running away from people.


Comment thread

I learnt how to write a comment thread.

First I found a blog post I saw if it had the 4 things that a blog post needs, title, writing, tag, and DLO picture or anything else.

Then I started to comment with a greeting, what I learned in the blog post, a question, and lastly kind regards, then after I would reply to there comment back to me.

I enjoyed learning how to create comment thread. I did well on checking the 4 things you need on a blog post and I did well on replying to the comment. I need to improve on answering the questions.