Kelly sports | Volley ball

Today for Kelly sports we learnt volley ball skills like set, serve, and dig.

First we learnt some of the passing skills, for example like setting, serving, and digging, after we learnt all three we got into partners and started pratising serving and digging.

Next we played a game using the three skills, we got into boys and girls teams, the first team the got to A to Z would win, none of the teams won, after we switched it up 6 boys had to go in the girls team and 6 girls had to go in the boys team the first teaam who got to A to Z won, my team won.

Lastly we played a real round of vollyball, there were 4 teams Coakroachs, Peanut butter, Bananas. and Cabybaras.

I enjoyed learning the three volleyball skills. I need to improve on digging. I did well on settings.