Day: September 9, 2022


I learnt how to compare 2 different stories.

First I read 2 different cultures stories that were mythical, the first one was The Three Little pigs then the second one was The Gingerbread man.

Then I had to find the similarities and differences between the 2 stories.

I enjoyed this task because I learnt how to spot the similarities and the differences. I need to improve on spotting the similarities and learn how to compare 2 different stories.


This week for Reading we learnt about Obesity.

First I read some different types of texts about obesity.

Then I went into a group and talked about if obesity was a good thing or a bad thing, for example obesity is good because if you don’t eat that much processed food you won’t be obese, obisty is bad because if you eat to much processed food you will get obese.

I enjoyed this task because I learnt the meaning of obesity. I need to improve on writing good things about obesity. I did well on writing the bad things for obesity.

PB4L | Uniform and Office Procedures

I learnt the right uniforms and offie procedures.

First, we learnt about the office procedures, some of the examples were asking the office people or teachers to right it down one a piece of paper. Then saying excuse me I’m here from LS1 or the room your from. Or saying pardon or can you please repeat that again, some of the examples for uniform is wearing just white and black hair ties, wearing black shoes, wearing stud earings instead of hoop.

Then after we recorded one of an office persudure.

I enjoyed this task because I learnt the office persudures. I did well on remebering the office persudures. I need to improve on keeping the right uniform on.




Te Reo | Stan Walker

Today for Te reo moari we learnt things about Stan Walker.

First I read some information about Stan, then after I watched a video about him.

Then I made a DLO about Stan Walker and answering question about him and his life.

I enjoyed this task because I learnt some new things about Stan, I need to improve on answering some questions.

Kelly sports | Volley ball

Today for Kelly sports we learnt volley ball skills like set, serve, and dig.

First we learnt some of the passing skills, for example like setting, serving, and digging, after we learnt all three we got into partners and started pratising serving and digging.

Next we played a game using the three skills, we got into boys and girls teams, the first team the got to A to Z would win, none of the teams won, after we switched it up 6 boys had to go in the girls team and 6 girls had to go in the boys team the first teaam who got to A to Z won, my team won.

Lastly we played a real round of vollyball, there were 4 teams Coakroachs, Peanut butter, Bananas. and Cabybaras.

I enjoyed learning the three volleyball skills. I need to improve on digging. I did well on settings.



Persuasive Speech

This week for writing I said a speech about wet field to a group of people.

First, I practiced my speech for a couple of times, then I double checked my speech to see if there were any spelling and punctuation mistakes, I had to try and find a solution for my topic wet fields.

Then, I got into a group of four in my year group, we started to recite the speeches to each other. Whoever got the highest mark would be against the other best speeches, the winners for my group was Max.

I enjoyed this task because I got to say a speech about wet fields, I need to improve on having more expression when I say my speech, I did well on speaking loudly and clearly.