Day: September 5, 2022

Commanding Conversation

Today I did a can do.

First I choose a slection of pictures, then when I choose my picture I started to write a little story, my story was about a little girl not wanting to put her mask on.

I enjoy doing this task, I also enjoy using my imagination.

Basic Facts

Today I did a maths can do.

I choose times tables, in random order, I got 100/100.

I need to work on pluses next time to see if I am good.


SSR Selfie | Sisters

Today I did a can do.

First I read a book called sisters for 15 minutes, the I wrote the illustrater, auther, and main character.

Lastly I wrote what happend in the story so far then I listed three new words and wrote the meaning in my own words.

I enjoyed this task because I get to learn the meaning for three new words.