Day: September 2, 2022

How to attribute

This is how to attribute a website.

You showed attribute the picture, video, website or anything even id your not told to.

First, find a website.

Second, find the license of the video, image, or website.

Third, find the owner of the image, video, or website.

Fourth link the website, image, video, to the text or anything that your doing.


Basic Facts

Today I did a can do called basic facts boxes.

first you can pick random order or ordered.

Then you can pick time table, plus, and subtraction.



Adding Fractions

This week for maths I learnt to add fractions.

First my group and I sat on the mat with the teacher, we started to do a simple fraction, for example 1/2 + 2/2=, is like doing 1+2 and adding 2 and the end so the answer would be, 1/2 +2/2 = 3/2.

Then after we did it a few more times and did it one a google document, we made a copy of it and started to do the task, it had a few easy questions and first and went more hard and hard.

I enjoyed this task, I did well on answering the questions.

PE | Netball

Today for PE we learnt skills and played Netball.

First we went into groups of 3 and chest passed, to chest pass you need put the ball to your chest and throw the ball to your target, partner or group.

Then we did a relay race we went into 2 equal groups, 1 group made a big circle an the other group made a line, the first person in the line had to run around the circle and get to the end of the circle, if the group that made a big circle passed the ball 100 times berfore the group that lined up went around the circle they would win.

Lastly we played a real game of Netball.

Persusasive Speech

The structure for a Persusasive speech is OREO.

O stands for opinion, a opinion is what you think about something and why.

R and E stands for Reasons and Explanation backs up your information or opinion, it is like and assertion and proof.

O also stands for opinion.

I enjoyed this task because I know how to write a persusasive speech.


SSR Selfie | Sisters

Today I did a can do task called SSR Selfie.

First I choose a book and read it for 15 minutes then I wrote the main character and the auther and the illustrater.

Then after recounted what happen in the story so far, lastly I listed 3 words and wrote down the meaning in my own words.

I enjoyed this task, I know 3 new words now, I need to improve on recounted what happend in the story.


Commanding Conversation

Today I did a can do task called Commanding Conversation.

First I picked a pick so I could write a story with, I choose the motorbikes, the lasty I wrote a story that looked and sounded like it was happening in the story.

I enjoyed this task because you get to write a lot of different kinds of story for one picture using your imagination. I did well on writing the story.