Month: September 2022

Kelly Sports | T – Ball

Today for kelly sport we played T – ball.

First we played a relay race, the first group would hit the ball as far as you could and try to run back and fourth as fast as you can, the winners for the relay race my team.

Then for the last game we played a couple rounds of T – ball, it was exactly like the relay race but with house.

Ienjoyed playing T – ball, I did well on running back and fourth, I need to improve on hitting the ball.



I did a comment thread.

I made my comment thread with Zailett, we commented on my blog post Skits, my blog post skits was about me and a couple of people making a skit about bullying people.

Zailett wrote a greeting, what he learned, what he likes, and wrote a question, I replied back answering the question.

Lastly I wrote down kind regards and who the reply was from.


This week for inquiry we made a skit.

First we planned the skit, Our skit was about Daeyna and Mia Bella calling me mean names and I try to stick up for myself then Genesis sticks up for me, our morral of the story was to stick up for others if you don’t know them or if you don’t like them.

Then my group and I wrote down the roles, my role was getting bullied and trying to stick up for myself Daeyna and Mia Bella were the bullies, and lastly Genesis was the kind person who would stick up for me.

I enjoyed this tasks, I did well on planning the skit. I need to improve on acting the skit.


I learnt different types of statistics.

The first thing we did was to write down our favourite colour, a month you were born in, if we could ride a bike, and how many people lived in our house.

Then we wrote different types of charts for each topic, for example, a bar graph for how many people lived in your house, the most written down were 5 people, one of them even had 13 people.

I enjoyed this task, I did well on writing to the total and frequency. 


Reading | Processed food

This week for reading we learnt if processed food was bad or good.

First I read different types of texts about processed food and obesity, some texts were about fatty facts and why processed food could cause obesity.

Then we wrote one good side about processed food and wrote another side about why processed food is bad.

Lastly I wrote a opinion about why processed food was good or bad.

I enjoyed this task, I did well on writing what was bad about processed food and what things processed food could lead to. I need to improve on writing good things about processed food.


Identify the Poetry

There are some types of poetry like diamante, cinquain, haiku, and limricks.

Diamante has 7 lines the word count is 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1, and the word types are noun, adjective, and verbs, and there is no rythmn and rhyme.

Cinquain has 5 lines, syllable count, story or desricption,  topic or description, action, feeling, conclusion the lastly our syllable

Haiku has 5 syllable, 7 syllables, 5 syllable, a seasonal word.

I enjoyed this task, I did well on writing the poetry type limricks.

Coommanding Conversation

I did completed a task commanding conversation.

I picked a variety of pictures, after I picked one picture I wrote a little story that look like it was happening in the picture.

I enjoyed this task I can write many different types of storys just using one picture I enjoy using my immagnation when i’m writing a story. I did well on writing the story, I need to improve on writing longer storys.


SSR Selfie

I did my SSR Selfie.

I read for 15 minutes, then I wrote the auother and the illustrater after I wrote the main character.

Lastly I recounted what happend in the story so fact and listed three new words and wrote it in my own words.

I enjoyed this task, I did well on recounting what happend in the story so far.

Basic Facts

Today I did a can do called basic facts boxes.

I did a speed demon challeng on my times tables, I did it in random order, my time limit was 2 minutes and 32 secound, I got 100/100 correct.

I enjoyed practising my time tables, I did well on my times table.



I learnt different types of rhymes.

First I learnt what end rhyme, alltertion, assonance, and consansance means.

Then I made a document and put the right poems in the right rhymes.

I enjoyed this task, I did well on writing my end rhymes.