Day: August 19, 2022

Maths week

This week I did maths week.

First I did daily dollar on level three, daily dollars are like fraction equations and more, for example, Abhinac has 24 lollies she gives half to his brother, how much does she have left? The answer is 12.

If  you get a lot of answers right the whole week you get a lot of money for example, on Wedsenday it’s math millionaire instead of daily dollar, for maths millionaire you have 1 out of 12 questions, if you get 10 out of 12 you get some money, if you get 12 out of 12 you get 2000 dollars or more.

I enjoyed doing this task I like earning money doing some equations.


State your Opinion

I learnt how to state a opinion.

Opinion means what you thing and why you think.

First I learnt what the structure was, the structure is APE, APE stands for assertion, proof, explain. Assertion is telling your opinion, proof is your evidence, and explain is to explaing what your proof or evidence is.

I enjoyed stating my opinion.

Basketball skills

This week I revised 3 different types of basketball skills.

First we revised how to pass, when you are passing a ball or a basketball from long distance bring your whole body forward and throw the ball at the same time.

Then after we revised how to catch the ball, to catch the ball you need to spread your hands and make it a W shape and put it to your chest.

Lastly we revised how to dribble, when you dribble you need to use your fingers, then you need to bend your knees down and put your foot shoulder length.

I enjoyed this lesson now I know how to pass a ball through a distance, I need to improve on catching the ball.


The lion and the mouse

This week I learnt how to summarise.

First my reading group read a book callled The Lion and the Mouse.

Then we wrote down 20 improtant words, after we wrote down 6 MOST improtant, the lastly we had to write some sentences using the six MOST important words.

I enjoyed this task, I learnt how to summmarise.