Day: August 9, 2022


This week for PB4L I made a pepared bag for school.

First I traced a outlined bag then I drew books, the after I drew a pencil, pen, ruler, glue stick, and scissors.

After I put them all in the bag nicely, then I coloured all the stationary in.

I enjoyed this task, This gives me a reminder to always get my school bag ready.

Split stratgey

This week for maths I learnt how to split numbers

First I learnt a way of using the split stratgy, for example, 3489 + 2112= 3489 + 2000 = 5489 + 100 = 5589 + 10 = 5599 + 2 =5601.

Lastly I practices doing it on a white board a couple times.

I enjoyed this task, I did well on using the stratgy.



Today for writing I learnt to spot mistakes in sentences.

First I read each sentences so I could see where the mistake was.

Lastly I fixed each mistake for example, I luv ice cream, then change it to I love ice cream.

I enjoyed doing this task, now I know how to spot mistake.

Basic facts Boxes

Today I did a math can do task called Basic facts boxes.

I did a practice round instead of a speed demon challenge, I did times tables in order.

I got 100/100.

I enjoyed this task it helped me with my times table, next time I am gonna a speed demon challenge and times tables in random orders.


SSR Selfie

Today I did a reading can do task called SSR Selfie.

First I read the book for 15 minutes, the book I read was smile from Raina Telgemeier, then after when the 15 minutes was over I wrote down the main charactar and the illustrater and author,

Lastly I listed three words and recounted what happened in the story so far.

I enjoyed this task, now I know the meaning of three new words.