Day: August 5, 2022

Te Reo

This week for Te Reo Maori I learnt about Dame Whina Cooper.

First I watched 2 videos about her, the first video was about her march, and the second video was facts about her and her life.

Lastly I made a DLO with questions that were about Dame Whina Cooper.

I enjoyed this task, I learnt some things about Dame Whina Cooper.

Cultural Stories

This week for inquiry we learned cultural stories.

First I learned the differences between culture and ethnicity, then after I wrote my culture and ethnicity down on my google slide, my ethnicity is Burmese and my culture is New Zealand.

Then I wrote down a cultural practice I learned, which was a Burmese game called bot shoot die.

Lastly, I wrote down a cultural story I know, Mau and the sun.

I enjoyed this task now I know the difference between culture and ethnicity.



This week I learnt about smart searching.

First I searched up flower spider, then I searched up spider flower, the only difference there was is that they were not the same type of flower, then I searched up sky blye and blue sky, when I searched up sky blye it came up with a colour, and when I searched up blue sky it came up with a sky.

Then I searched who it came up with a medicational thing, after I seached up car it came up with cars, after I searched up the who and a who,  and after I searched up a car and the car.

Lastly I mispelled my school name and saw what it came up with.

I enjoyed this task, now I know how to smart search.