Day: August 4, 2022

Ripper Rugby

This week we played ripper rugby.

First we did a warmup,we got into groups of four, then we past the ball to each other, to throw the ball you need to put the ball to your waist and throw it and the person or the target you wanna throw it at.

Then after we played a relay race, there has to be 3 people  from each team 1 person has to go to the other team and walk and while there walking they have to throw the ball to eachother until there back to the start.

Lastly we played a game of rip the tag, 3 people from each team have to come and try to rip the other teams tag.

I enjoyed playing these games, I did well on the relay race, I need to improve on trying to rip peoples tag.


This week for maths we learnt what a coordinate is.

First we drew a chart then wrote letters and numbers and put a shape on the chart then we tried to find out what coordinate it was.

Lastly we drew a google chart and put shapes on the coordinate charts then we showed how to find out what coordinate it was in.

I enjoyed this task, I did well on finding the coordinates.