Day: July 7, 2022


This week for PE we played Jedi dodgeball and the normal dogeball.

First our coach taught us the rules for Jedi dodgeball. For each team we needed one person to be a jed. If someone gets hit from the other team the jedi can tag them and that person is free. If the jedi gets hit when he/her are not in there circle the jedi is out, but if the jedi is in her/his circle the jedi is still in. If the jedi is out and someone gets hit there out of the game.

Next we played elimantion dodge ball, if you threw the ball and someone from the other team caught it you are out and they would stay in

Then lastly after we played a few rounds of elimantion dodgeball we played normal dodgeball. It is like jedi dodgeball but the jedi isn’t there to help you, there is no jedi, and if you get hit you’re out automatically.

I enjoyed this task, I did well on dodgeing the balls that people threw at me, I need to improve on catching the ball.