Month: July 2022

Narritive Planner

This week I wrote a narritive plan.

First I thought of a topic and a plan, my groups topic was racisim and the title was Stop the racism.

Next I thought of a plan my groups plan was someone was being mean to a person the one person sticks up for that person who is getting bullyed.

Lastly I wrote my plan in a story in order.

I enjoyed this task, I did well on writing the narritive plann, I need to improve on writing the narritive plan into a story.



Commanding Conversation

Today I did a task called commanding Conversation.

To do this task, you can pick a picture from the slides, then after you can use your  imagination to do write a little recount or a little made up story.

I enjoy doing this task, I like chooseing the photos, I need to improve on making longer storys.

Basic Facts Boxes

Today I did a can do called Basic facts boxes.

I did a practice round instead of a speed demon challenge.

I got 100 out of 100 in times in a random order.

I enjoyed this task i need to improve on doing the speed demon challenge better.

SSR Selfie

Today I did a can do called SSR Selfie.

First I read a book called The BFG for 5 minutes, the book is made from Roald Dahl and illustrated by Quentin Blake.

Then I wrote down what happend in the story so far, the main charactar, the illustrater, and three new words in my words.

I enjoyed this task I need to improve on listing three new words.


Making Connections

This week we read a peom called The fishing challenge.

First we read the book for three minutes, then after we learnt the three different types of connections, text to self, text to world and lastly text to text.

For this week we did text to self, it means a connection with you and the text or the book, we wrote down our different connections on a google slide.

I enjoyed doing this task because I learnt one of the ways to make a connections, I did well on making the text to self connections.


This week for PE we played Jedi dodgeball and the normal dogeball.

First our coach taught us the rules for Jedi dodgeball. For each team we needed one person to be a jed. If someone gets hit from the other team the jedi can tag them and that person is free. If the jedi gets hit when he/her are not in there circle the jedi is out, but if the jedi is in her/his circle the jedi is still in. If the jedi is out and someone gets hit there out of the game.

Next we played elimantion dodge ball, if you threw the ball and someone from the other team caught it you are out and they would stay in

Then lastly after we played a few rounds of elimantion dodgeball we played normal dodgeball. It is like jedi dodgeball but the jedi isn’t there to help you, there is no jedi, and if you get hit you’re out automatically.

I enjoyed this task, I did well on dodgeing the balls that people threw at me, I need to improve on catching the ball.

Finding the gap

This week I learnt how to find the gap in algebra.

First I got into a group of three, my group and I tried to figure out the questions, we made a table nd recored our numbers then my group and I counted the gaps between the number of sticks.

Then my group and I repeated that with anoather 2 questions for example: how many stick do you need to make 5 diamonds.

I enjoyed this task, now I know how to find gaps in alegbra, I need to improve on finding gaps on hard ones.

My presentation score

This week I presentated a book about sharks

First we read a book called sharks, this book was about different types of shark and facts about sharks

My slide was after max he talked about what are sharks, my slide was about shark species I talked about different types of shark species, how much shark species are there in the world, and the rarest shark species in the world.

Then we wrote our presentation,we all got our own parts some people got 2 parts because 2 people in our group was absent, Max said the slide What are sharks, I said the shark species, Wyatt said the strongest extinct sharks, Kane said the biggest shark in New Zealand, Max and Kaysorn said the shark lengths, Kaysorn said what great sharks eat, lastly Aarush said where do sharks live.

Overall my groups scored 2 not achieved and 1 excellence, the first not achieved was less than the minimal information requirement, and the second not achieved was less than the minimal speech requirement, and the applies to all members of the group. Our excellence was we followed all the print design rules, coherent style (layout, colour scheme etc.) last we have the visually appealing.

I need to improve on speaking louder, I also have to improve on looking at the audience more when I speak.




Commanding coversation

This week I did a task called commanding conversation.

To do this task you can pick a lot a picture from the options, the after you can write a story from the picture, you can write any story you want.

I enjoy making this task it helps me write storys and I can write many different storys with one picture I like how I can use my imagination.

Basic Facts Boxes

Today I completed a can do task called basic facts boxes.

I did it random up to 10.

I completed two in 4 minutes and 32 seconds.

I enjoy this task because it helps me with my basic facts like addition, subtraction, and times tables.