Day: June 29, 2022

Te Reo Maori

This week I learnt different direction and foods in Maori.

First we went in a small group and sat down with Whaea Odi, then she should us some cards with photos of food and the maori word for it. For example: pi which in english is pea the vegatable.

Lastly I learned some directions runga raro muai matua which in english mean up, down, left, and right.

I enjoyed this task because I learnt new maori words, I need to improve on not mixing up my directions in moari.




I learnt how to write a explantion.

First I choose my topic for my plan, my topic is “How a Daisies grows”.

Next I wrote down my plan structure, my structure was TIES, T stands for title, I stands for introduction, E stands for explain relationships, S is for summary.

Lastly I wrote down my explantion using my plan.

I enjoyed this task because I learnt how to write a explantion, I need to improve on writing my introduction and summary.


Sequential Patterns

This week I learnt the difference between a pattern and a sequential pattern.

A sequential pattern is something or a pattern thats in order, a pattern is something that repeats over and over again, here is a example for a sequential pattern: green brown brown, and a pattern is like green brown green brown green brown.

Then I made my own sequential patterns slide, with five things a colour, number, shape, object, and letter. I made three sequential patterns and 2 patterns.

I enjoyed this task I learnt the difference between sequential patterns and a pattern, I need to inprove on doing more hard sequential patterns.