Day: June 28, 2022

Whale tail

This week I learnt how to shade a whale tail.

First I pratised shading on a scrap peice of paper, than I drew a whale tail an drew my design from my digital whale tail then I shaded the whale tail that I drew I kept on shading until I was ready to draw my real whale tail.

Next I started drawing my fishs, rubbishs, and my coral reefs.

Lastlu after I finished drawing I coloured and used my shading skills for my whale tail.

I enjoyed this task because I learnt how to shade, I need to improve on drawing more neatly.


This week I learnt how to use extented discussion cards.

First we read page 40 and 41 of a book called sharks, this book tells a lot of facts about sharks and what kind of sharks there are.

Then we used the extended discussion cards to answer question, there were questions like, Why are shark “under attack”?.

For the extended discussion we picked a leader and a questioner, the questioner will read the question and ask someone “what do you think”?, and they would answer back “I think…”. Somone would have opposer and respectfuly disagree. After the leader would pick a clarifer and the clarifer would say “do we all agree that this is the answer”.

I enjoy using the extended discussion cards it helps me with disagreeing and agreeing.