Day: June 16, 2022

Basic Facts boxes

Today I did a must do list called Basic facts boxes.

I did a speed demon challenge, but I did the speed demon challenge on times tables.

I got 90/90 and I took 7m and 45s.

I enjoyed this task because its helps me with my basic facts, I need to improve on doing my tables faster and I need to go on another times table stage.


Commanding Conversation

This week I did a can do task called Commanding Coversation.

I choose a photo of 3 birds.

Then I wrote a story about the three birds.

I enjoy doing this task because I can wrote many diffrent storys with the photos.

SSR selfie

This week I did a SSR Selfie about Sharks.

I read pages 1 and 2 of the book sharks.

I learnt that there are 1,250 specices of sharks.


This week I did a can do task called prototec.

I choose year 6 stage, I got 100/100 correct.

I enjoyed this task, next time I want to try to do a timed sheet.