Day: May 5, 2022

Soccer skills

Today we learnt soccer skills.

First we learnt how to dribble, we got into 4 groups and dribbled the ball to the group across us, the first whole group that was across won.

Next we played a game, the aim of the game is to keep the ball between your foot and to try not to let the other team steal it.

Then we got into partners and passed the ball to our partner with our non-dominant foot.

I enjoyed learning the new soccer skills. I did well on passing the ball to my partner. and I need to improve on passing the ball with my non – dominant foot.





Parts of Speech

A part of a speech in English are noun, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs.

Nouns are places, people, and things.

Adjectives describes words for example words like beautiful.

Verbs are things we do like action words, for example eat or climb.

Adverbs are phrases that have an adjective and a verb, adverbs also often ends with a ly.

Parts of speechs are different kind of words.


Osbervable and literal information

Osbervable Information is something that can be seen directly. Litrel information is information that is printed or written down.

Obervable information can be seen without guessing extra information, for example, on the first slide there is a boy wearing a red t – shirt.

Literal infomation can be seen in images or text.

Osberbable information and literal information is a true piece of information from a text or image.