Day: April 13, 2022

Basic facts prototec

This week I did a task called prototec.

Year 4’s had to do year 5 level maths year 5’s did year 6 level maths and year 6’s did year 7 level maths.

Then  I did a timed sheet, on the timed I got 18 correct. Then I did a the sheet this time it didn’t have a time limt.

Lastly I wrote down 10 wrong questions in my math book.

I enjoyed this task because it helps me with my equations. I need to improve on my divison.


Imaginative Recount

This week we wrote an imaginative recount with our plan.

I first I wrote my reveal from my brainstorm plan.

Then I wrote down my event 1 and event 2 from my brainstorming plan, One of my ideas for event 1 was “freewheeling down the hill”, and one of my ideas for event 2 was ” there is a survivor at the petrol station”.

Lastly I wrote event 3 and the ending, one of my ideas for event 3 was “they sacrifice Sahile and kim”.

I enjoyed this task because I can use my imagination to write a the recount, I need to improve on using more simple ideas.


Fact Find

This week we learnt to do a fact find about drums.

First we had to chosse a drum from a different culture, I chossed a buk drum.

Next I wrote down 5 different facts about the but drum, one of the facts I wrote was ” the korean buk drum has been used since the three kinddoms of korea”.

Then I wrote down the introduction about the buk drum.

Lastly I wrote and puts some pictures of the buk drum and put down the links of the informations sources.

I enjoyed this task because I learnt information about the korean but drum, I need to improve on finding more facts.