Day: April 12, 2022

SSR selfie

I did a cando called SSR selfie.

I read this book for 15 minutes, then I wrote the main charactar and wrote a short simple recount.

Lastly I listed three different words and wrote the meanings of the words.

I enjoyed this task because I learnt new words, I need to improve on finding different type of words.

Commanding Conversation

I did a cando task calles commanding conversation.

To do this task you have to pick a picture and write a coversation that connects with the picture.

 I enjoyed this task because it helps me with my spelling, and I can use my imagination.

Prototec basic facts

Today we did a task called Prototec.

First Mr Ogilvie taught us what to do on prototec. But the year 4′ s had to do year 5 level maths, year 5′ s had to do the year 6 level maths, and year 6’s had to do the year 7 level maths.

Then we went on prototec and timed ourselves basic facts, after we did it without the timer.

Lastly we wrote down 1o of the wrong answers on our math books.

I enjoyed this task because I learnt my divisions, I did well on non times basic facts, I need to improve on working on my fractions and percentages.