Day: April 8, 2022

Basic fact boxes

I completed a task called basic facts speed demon challenge.

I did it up to 20 I got 95/100 my time limit was 5m and 42s.

I need to improve and be faster.


South pacific Beats

This week we learnt to understand texts and connections.

First Mr wong read page 5 and 6 for our shared reading, after Mr wong read we answered the questions linked with the text.

Next I finished reading the last pages of the book to my group, then we answered the question for the page. One of the questions were ” why do you think Rachel wants Tonga to be able to manufacture the pato”.

Lastly we dicussed in the answers in the group then answered all the question.

I enjoyed this task because I learnt to understand text I need to improve on writing answering more questions I did well on connecting with my partner.









Imaginative recount

This week we learnt how to write a imaginative recount.

First we brainstormed some ideas, we brainstormed the main charactar, supporting character, and the supporting event, the main charcter was James and the supporting event was Billy-bob, Patty, kim, Sahile, and Lee.

Then we used a backwards S plan, in the backwards S plan we used a reveal, event 1, event 2,  event 3, and the ending. My reveal for the backwards is plan is “Running away from zombies apcocalypse on foot”. Event 1 was “finding bikes, event 2 was”, “a survivor at a gas station”, and last event 3 was “the family escapes from some zombies but the encounter the horse”.

I enjoyed this task because I know how to write a imaginative recount, I need to improve on using more simple ideas.